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Times Fly…

Posted by Janus on September 7, 2006

Right, It’s been a while seen my last update as to what i plan to do in the future, as is obvious i’ve already created my new blog and forum under my of domain name. But i’ve yet to create the website which i had talked about in my ‘plans for the future’ post, i’ve since changed the plan more than once in which i added idea’s and stripped out idea’s eventually coming to the conclusion that i shouldnt create a literature, arts and politics website instead i should create a website focused on Cars and motoring.

My New idea is for a Website i shall call Turismo, I want it to be a place for Car and Motoring related topics including thoughts and opinions on the latest Cars from the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche etc. Along with reviews of car programmes from the television like Top Gear and the Latest from Motorsports events.

All the details should be revealed reasonable soon so stick to this blog or better yet Join My Forum.

Just as a note to those that don’t know I’ve created a new blog which can be found Here, but i’ve not deleted this blog so i no copy all of the new posts on the new blog to this old wordpress.com blog


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Plans for the future

Posted by Janus on August 18, 2006

Over the last few days i’ve been thinking about the creation of my own web site, I though i’d base this site around literature, arts and politics and see what that does. Then maybe once it grows expand it to include other various culture including satire, poetry and creative writing. I wouldn’t mind adding caricatures of politicians and celebraties but i’d need to kind a someone with good artistic skills, shouldn’t be too difficult though.

Here’s a break down of the plan

  • The main site would most likely use the wordpress blog engine as a base since i like the way it works.
  • I’d most likely add a forum aswell, PHPBB probably because i’m not made of money.
  • And i guess i’d also start a new blog for myself on the server.
  • The domain name is a obvious need, I’ve been doing some thinking to that end and have decided to get a .eu address

Of course i’d need some help with the content and i do hope to recruit a few people to provide said content.

this is the host i plan to use — http://www.letshost.ie/

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Lack of Posts.

Posted by Janus on August 9, 2006

Well it’s been about what twelve days since i started this blog, the only problem being that i’ve not been able to write as much as i’d like to. The root of this problem is the fact that it’s the summer months and during the summer i tend to be less active than during the winter.

Hopefully i can write more now that we are coming to the end of summer.

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Enter Janus

Posted by Janus on July 28, 2006

Anyone reading this might wonder what the point is, well it’s simple really. I’m a person with radical idea’s that needs a testing ground to see what kind of reaction i’ll get from the world.

In any case i’d like to thank people for reading this.

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