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Plans for the future

Posted by Janus on August 18, 2006

Over the last few days i’ve been thinking about the creation of my own web site, I though i’d base this site around literature, arts and politics and see what that does. Then maybe once it grows expand it to include other various culture including satire, poetry and creative writing. I wouldn’t mind adding caricatures of politicians and celebraties but i’d need to kind a someone with good artistic skills, shouldn’t be too difficult though.

Here’s a break down of the plan

  • The main site would most likely use the wordpress blog engine as a base since i like the way it works.
  • I’d most likely add a forum aswell, PHPBB probably because i’m not made of money.
  • And i guess i’d also start a new blog for myself on the server.
  • The domain name is a obvious need, I’ve been doing some thinking to that end and have decided to get a .eu address

Of course i’d need some help with the content and i do hope to recruit a few people to provide said content.

this is the host i plan to use — http://www.letshost.ie/


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