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Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Posted by Janus on August 17, 2006

Sophie and Hans

Information: Certificate(PG), DVD Releaser(ICA projects), Run time(115 min ), Language(German)

Munich, 1943. A group of students, including siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, instigate passive resistance in an attempt to overthrow the Nazi regime. Sophie and Hans are arrested for distributing leaflets and an intense psychological duel ensues in the interrogation room between Sophie and Gestapo officer Mohr; she lies and denies, then schemes and challenges. Ultimately crushing evidence is presented and though forced to confess Scholl fights to save the lives of her brother and friends.

Directed by Marc Rothemund and staring Julia Jentsch(The Edukators), Fabian Hinrichs(Schussangst) and Gerald A. Held(Napola) as the main characters of Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Robert Mohr with Florian Stetter(Napola) as Christoph Probst.

The Film is based on transcripts of the interrogations and witness accounts of these events, which happened in February 1943. The film itself won many awards including the silver Bears for best director and best actress at the 2005 Berlin film festival, it was also nominated for the best foreign language film at the 78th academy awards in which it was beaten by the South African film Tsotsi.

When I first saw a small preview of this film on Euronews’ culture programme, “Le Mag” I was intrigued, so when it was released on DVD I quickly ran out and got a copy, it did not disappoint. It’s amazing to think that Sophie Scholl was a real person and that the film is actually accurate with history, normally you expect the usual “based on a true story” non-sense but with this film you get more than a story which is altered by the writers to make it more commercial. Here you get a film, which tries to challenge the distinct lack of historical accuracy in the film industry and in the process brings us the sad reality of the Nazi movement.

I must admit that the music to accompany the film also got my attention and personally I believe it suited it well. Once again, Julia Jentsch produced an incredible performance and deserved the best actress award she won at the Berlin film festival. Without any doubt this film lived up to the legend of Sophie Scholl who is considered by many to be a martyr.

With beautiful direction and incredible acting this film earns a rating of (4.5/5).


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