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Posted by Janus on August 4, 2006


Information: Certificate(12), DVD releaser(bluelight), Run time(103 min), Language(Polish)

In an imaginary central European city, the highly addictive computer game ‘Avalon’ offers lavish financial rewards as well as a dangerous and seductive escape from the bleak realities of everyday life. Ash is a professional, a highly skilled player moving back and forth between actual and virtual realities with ease. A loner, estranged from her fellow man, Ash is close only to her beloved pet dog. Ghost is an Avalon character, a target who appears as a young girl. On-screen contact with Ghost has left previous players – including Ash’s former lover Murphy – terminally damaged. Devoid of all consciousness and condemned to waste away in a sanatorium, they are known as the lost. Ash swears to pursue the elusive, deadly Ghost. Only by confronting her spectral enemy will she discover the true nature of reality, the true meaning of life and death.

This visual masterpiece is directed by the legendary Mamoru Oshii (Patlabor, Ghost in the shell, Innocence) and stars polish actress Malgorzata Foremniak with Wladyslaw Kowalski as ‘Game master’. Made in 2001 it is a co-production between Japan and Poland with Music by long time Oshii collaborator Kenji Kawai.

Personally, I happen to think that this is one of the best films I have seen in my time, Oshii out did himself with this visually beautiful piece of work that shows every bit of his talent as a directorial revolutionary. Foremniak plays Ash in a way that brings out the best of a character with an interesting life who risks everything in Avalon. The dark visual tone of the film adds to the tension and brings out the bleak reality of the world in which Ash lives.

I always like bleakness whether that be in the form of a book or a film, for me Avalon ticked the boxes which in my eyes make a film good to watch and easy to enjoy. Avalon is a film which works to deliver a message about life as seen from the eyes of the director, writer, actors and cinematographer and it does not fail in accomplishing its task.

Avalon receives a rating of (4/5).

enter class real

Class Real

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