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The Edukators

Posted by Janus on July 28, 2006

The Edukators

Information: Certificate(15), DVD Releaser(Pathé), Run time(125 min), Language(German)

This 2004 movie was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival, Directed by Hans Weingartner (The White sound) and stars Julia Jentsch (Sophie Scholl: The final days) and Daniel Bruhl (Goodbye Lenin, Ladies in Lavender).

Jan, peter and Jule are living their rebellious youth. United by their passion to change the state of the world the young friends lead a silent revolution as the self-styled ‘Edukators’. Breaking into houses by houses by the cover of night, they seek to unnerve the wealthy through their form of protest art, until a terrible incident threatens not only their political beliefs but their trust in each other.

Not a bad film, Directed well and with the calibre of the actors, it never really had a problem pleasing me. The odd manor in which they protest is indeed interesting, if all radicals acted like Jan, Peter and Jule I think the world might get a bit better than it is now. Visually it is a beautiful film and I believe it was shot all digital, the scenes in the mountains show the quality of the direction and are a true thumbs up to the skill of the cinematographer.

All in all an interesting and beautiful film that is a must see for anyone who is sick to death of Hollywood action adventure rubbish, My rating is (4/5).

Review also to be found at http://www.eternalblade.co.uk/emagi/


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