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Israeli-Arab Conflict

Posted by Janus on July 29, 2006

Everyone who knows me might be wondering what my opinion is on this conflict currently taking place in the middle east, well i’m not going to mince my words with this considering the severe situation.

As far as i’m concerned i’ll say that i will concede that Hezbollah did start the conflict but that doesn’t mean that Israel can dish out a collective punishment for the actions of some. Hezbollah while having large support aren’t near having the support of all the citizens of Lebanon so that in theory should mean that the general population are of limits, but for Israel that’s never the case. I understand they want to protect their homes but that doesn’t give them an open ticket to attack with no regard for human lives, personally i believe Israel could protect their citizens more effectively if they returned stolen lands and prisoners. It also wouldn’t hurt to financially help out the Lebanese and Palestinians so that they have less reason to hate Israelis.

What annoys me the most is the international reaction, Of course i’m not happy about the American reaction but it’s my own peoples reaction that surprised me the most. It seems to me that Europeans are getting sick of this endless Israeli-Arab conflict, the problem is that we as Europeans will always be closer to Lebanon and Palestine than to Israel. I think we have gotten bored of Israels refusal to settle problems without force and America’s interference in something they know nothing about nor have a stake in.


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The outsider(L’Étranger)

Posted by Janus on July 29, 2006

Albert Camus

Meursault leads an apparently unremarkable bachelor life in Algiers until he commits an act of violence. His response to the incident challenges the fundamental values of society, a set of rules so binding that any person breaking them is condemned as an alien, an outsider…

Albert Camus brings to life a character who embodies the madness and absurdity of the world in which we inhabit, a character who’s lost in the rules and regulations of society. Meursault is a man who feels nothing but indifference for the world around him, who even feels nothing of his mothers death. Camus himself summed up the outsider in one sentence, “In our society any man who doesn’t cry at his mothers funeral is liable to be condemned to death”.

This is without doubt one of the best pieces of literature that I’ve ever read, well written and well thought out it amazed me that a book of only a hundred and twenty pages could be so powerful. Meursault’s reactions to his mothers death, Marie’s love, the Arabs attack and the contempt shown by those in the court are a clear reminder of the differences between the individual and the collective.

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The Edukators

Posted by Janus on July 28, 2006

The Edukators

Information: Certificate(15), DVD Releaser(Pathé), Run time(125 min), Language(German)

This 2004 movie was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival, Directed by Hans Weingartner (The White sound) and stars Julia Jentsch (Sophie Scholl: The final days) and Daniel Bruhl (Goodbye Lenin, Ladies in Lavender).

Jan, peter and Jule are living their rebellious youth. United by their passion to change the state of the world the young friends lead a silent revolution as the self-styled ‘Edukators’. Breaking into houses by houses by the cover of night, they seek to unnerve the wealthy through their form of protest art, until a terrible incident threatens not only their political beliefs but their trust in each other.

Not a bad film, Directed well and with the calibre of the actors, it never really had a problem pleasing me. The odd manor in which they protest is indeed interesting, if all radicals acted like Jan, Peter and Jule I think the world might get a bit better than it is now. Visually it is a beautiful film and I believe it was shot all digital, the scenes in the mountains show the quality of the direction and are a true thumbs up to the skill of the cinematographer.

All in all an interesting and beautiful film that is a must see for anyone who is sick to death of Hollywood action adventure rubbish, My rating is (4/5).

Review also to be found at http://www.eternalblade.co.uk/emagi/

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Enter Janus

Posted by Janus on July 28, 2006

Anyone reading this might wonder what the point is, well it’s simple really. I’m a person with radical idea’s that needs a testing ground to see what kind of reaction i’ll get from the world.

In any case i’d like to thank people for reading this.

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